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Enabling Grids for e-Science-II


EGEE-II project shall be set up on EGEE project for providing an uninterrupted grid infrastructure service and production quality worldwide, with the ERA standards.

EGEE infrastructure provides benefits in daily operations of academic and industrial researchers by supporting various practices of different fields at the same time. EGEE-II shall provide the dissemination of information regarding Grid and its benefits to students and researchers in high energy physics, biomedical, earth sciences, astrophysics, computational chemistry, fusion, and other fields, through support teams, education programs and amplified relationships among the related industrial partners.

EGEE-II shall facilitate the cooperation of Grids by forming Grid infrastructure worldwide through management, expansion, and enhancement of national, regional and thematic Grid projects for interconnecting them to each other. GEANT2 supported EGEE-II shall enable uninterrupted access to larger common storage base, computation, and network facilities for researchers regardless of their geographical location.

As a result, the high-capacity infrastructure to be formed shall become a unique tool for computation-intensive science (e-Science) based on cooperation, by over exceeding the competencies of local groups and individual centers. Individual-specific services of other projects and sources shall be integrated in existing open source middleware services of EGEE-II, for enhancing functionality, security, and ease of use.

EGEE-II consortium consists of 91 partners grouped under 13 federations from 32 different countries and represents almost all activities in Europe and new National Grid Initiatives. The Project cooperates with significant national projects in the United States of America and Asia and several related projects shall enable the structure to expand across Mediterranean region, Baltic Countries, Latin America and China. Considering EGEE, and EGEE-II extension or the other projects related to these projects, it is clear that the project acts as a nest worldwide.

Coordination of Grid projects related to EGEE-II, the flagship in regard to the regional Grid infrastructure of Europe, shall have a structuring effect with its role in declining political fragmentation among European countries and determining the Grid standards. EGEE-II shall form the basis for the long-term sustainability of the Grid infrastructure, for ensuring the accessibility of the sources and information developed during EGEE and EGEE-II, by other researchers, along with researchers in Europe.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Managing and operating a Grid infrastructure service in accordance with the standards of the European Research Area;

  • Enabling the practices of various science communities including the fields such as high energy physics, biomedical, earth sciences, astrophysics, computational chemistry, fusion to be employed EGEE-II;

  • Enabling the large-scale communities to use the EGEE-II project as a part of their daily works; Making the EGEE infrastructure and services effective for the needs of small groups and available for the needs of experts and labor force;

  • Strengthening the position of EGEE-II, the flagship of the European Union in regard to the Grid research infrastructure, and enabling the related Grid projects to operate as the coordination unit;

  • Ensuring it to have a structure that shall operate in compliance with the e-infrastructure projects in other parts of the world;

  • Providing further information to various science researchers and students about the Grid and its benefits through dissemination and education programs;

  • Amplifying the existing relationships with all related industrial partners;

  • Performing all research and development activities for making the EGEE-II a permanent Grid infrastructure, like GÉANT2, and completing all preparatory technical and administrative works.