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Empowering eScience Across the Mediterranean


EUMEDGRID aims to provide specific support actions to assist the participation of the states of the Mediterranean region in the European and worldwide Grid initiatives, thus expanding and supporting the European Research Area in the region.

The core of the EUMEDGRID approach is to establish a human network in the e-Science area, enlarge and train this community, and establish a pilot Grid infrastructure supporting proof of concept regional applications. This approach aims to build a bridge where political fragmentation between the European countries and the less-resourced countries to be declined.

This project shall form a basis for providing transparent access to common computing resources available any time and at any place for the benefit of various project groups. Additionally, connecting to broader European infrastructure shall enable the research and education community in the region to access to larger storage and computation base than the available non-grid environment.

Objectives of the Project:

  • First-group objectives: to establish human network in the Grid, e-Science, and e-Infrastructure areas and perform super-structural activities for improving regional and international cooperation.

  • Second group activities deal with technical issues and aim to establish a pilot Grid infrastructure in the Mediterranean region according to the results obtained from the detailed researches on local needs and support several test applications on this infrastructure.