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Sustainability of eInfrastructures Across the Medditeranenan


The EU-MED Grid Support project aims to advance the progress achieved through the establishment of a grid-based regional infrastructure, development of an application and training dissemination works. During the project period, the Mediterranean grid infrastructure shall be expanded and its service quality shall be improved by taking into consideration the operability and sustainability. An open dialog environment is provided to increase cooperation and awareness in the scientific research and e-Infrastructure policies of the European, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions.

The EU-MED Grid Support prioritizes training activities to guide and increase the competence and knowledge of researchers, students and system administrators. It aims to increase the interest and create new cooperation opportunities through high-level activities that bring together e-infrastructure funders and policy makers in a broad framework.

TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM provides support to the countries of the region in establishing and operating national certification authorities and accreditation by EUGridPMA.