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SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for Regional eScience


e-Infrastructure in Europe has reached a mature state where the GÉANT network forms a backbone on top of which a distributed computing infrastructure – the Grid – provides processing and storage services for e-Science research.  The South-East European e-Infrastructure initiatives are committed to ensuring equal participation of the less-resourced countries of the region in European trends. SEEREN initiative has established a regional network and its GÉANT connection and the SEE-GRID initiative the regional Grid. The SEE-GRID-SCI will leverage the SEE e-Infrastructure to enable new scientific collaborations among user communities.

SEE-GRID-SCI project will stimulate widespread integrated e-Infrastructure uptake by new cross-border user groups extending over the region, fostering collaboration and providing advanced capabilities to more researchers, with an emphasis on strategic groups in seismology, meteorology and environmental protection.

The initiative thus aims to have a catalytic and structuring effect on a variety of target user communities that currently do not directly benefit from the available e-Infrastructures. In parallel, it will enlarge the regional e-Infrastructure to cater for demands of the communities: a number of new computing and storage resources will be added, engaging new partner countries in the region. Finally, SEE-GRID-SCI project will help mature and stabilize the National Grid Initiatives in the region, allowing them to join the new era of longer-term sustainable Grid infrastructure in Europe. In this context, SEE-GRID-SCI project will aim to attract local political support for materializing the e-Infrastructure vision.

In longer term, SEE-GRID-SCI project aspires to contribute to the stabilization and development of South-East Europe, by easing the digital divide and stimulating e-Infrastructure development and adoption by new users, thus enabling collaborative high-quality research across a spectrum of scientific fields.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Integrate international user communities and providing application-specific service links.

  • Providing new communities with infrastructure.

  • Performing the strengthening activities for long-term sustainability and participation in European Grid Initiative.

  • Leveraging regional and national human resources.