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South East European Research Area for eInfrastructures


The South East European e-Infrastructure initiatives aim to ensure equal participation of the region in European networking and Grid computing trends. SEEREN initiative has established regional network and SEE-GRID the regional Grid. SEE-LIGHT project is currently establishing dark-fiber backbone in the region, and SEE-GRID-SCI empowering strategic regional user communities in common use of the e-Infrastructure. Close collaboration of National Research & Education Networks and National Grid Initiatives in the region was crucial in materializing this vision. The above initiatives have also raised awareness of national ministries for the necessity of local programmes and financial support for e-Infrastructures: a number of ministries have contributed to local network funding and regional interconnections, as well as national Grid programmes.

SEERA-EI will capitalize on this momentum and link national-level programme managers and provide an open forum for information exchange, in order to enable coordination of national programmes in e-Infrastructures, and to set the framework for a common regional agenda. The project will gather and exchange information regarding current programmes and carry out a state-of-the-art analysis; produce set of best practices and guidelines for national e-Infrastructure programmes; and identify areas for joint regional activities, ranging from short-term soft actions, mid-term policy-level actions, to preparatory activities for long-term actions.

SEERA-EI will reduce fragmentation of national programmes, create a harmonized approach to national-level initiatives in e-Infrastructures, ensure local commitment, and pave the way towards common regional vision, strategy and sustainable cooperation which will give the region a common voice on European and international stage and strengthen the ERA as a whole, enabling collaborative high-quality research across a spectrum of scientific fields.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Developing and strengthening the cooperation and coordination of national e-infrastructure programs in the South East Europe region;

  • Ensuring the exchange of information and common dialog between the national programme owners;

  • Analyzing the best aspects of national programmes;

  • Avoiding the development of works in non-standard programmes by reducing differences in the national level and improving coordination in the e-Infrastructure works of the European Research Area in the South Eastern Europe;

  • Enabling the establishment and support of national e-infrastructure programmes in accordance with the common principles and the regional vision;

  • Ensuring cooperation, joint planning and joint activity development of programme owners throughout the project and in the long term;

  • Establishing a long-term platform to ensure sustainable dialog between programme owners after the completion of the project;

  • Realization of information exchange with the part of the European Research Area outside the region; organization of international cooperation activities; and to contribute to EU policies in the field of e-infrastructure.