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TR-Grid Research e-Infrastructure Strengthening

The most important planners of the European region in e-Science are strategy development groups such as e-IRG (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group) and HET (HPC Europe Task Force). The importance of e-Infrastructures is also emphasized in the road map prepared by ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures). In pursuant of this situation, the TR-Grid Research e-Infrastructure Strengthening Project, initiated with the support of DPT, aims to maintain the success of its pioneering project, TUGA.

Apart from providing the necessary support, computing and data storage resources to researchers who will increase in number of years; the purpose of the TR-Grid research e-Infrastructure is:

  • Ensuring the necessary strengthening of the equipment and human infrastructure to be included in the international e-Infrastructures, primarily the next generation infrastructures to be established in Europe,

  • Establishing a cooperation framework to be supported operationally by the TR-Grid manpower and for which the strategies will be formed by the TR-Grid National Grid Initiative for the efficient use of resources provided to universities, research centers and national calculation centers by various funders nationally,

  • Providing the necessary manpower and resource support for e-Infrastructures to other public institutions and industries when necessary,

  • Consultancy for research, industry and public institutions that will make similar purchases with the support of experts who will increase in number within the scope of the project