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On this page and in the table below, you can find the activities that we performed as TRUBA. The page of each activity can be accessed via the name of the event.

13 April 2018EuroHPC JU Information Day
13 November 2017MPI Training
3 November 2017OpenMP Training
30 October 2017Advanced Fortran Training
14 September 20175. National HPC Conference
23 October 2013Advanced CUDA Training
12 April 20123. National HPC Conference
25 February 2011GPU Technologies and Programming for Computational Sciences
5 April 2010Grid User Training
9 December 2009SEE-GRID SCI User Forum
18 April 2009Grid User Training
15 April 20091. National HPC Conference
29 January 2009Grid and Seismology VO Training
22 September 2008EGEE'08 Conference
30 April 2008Application Development on Grid and Clusters
15 October 2007Application Development Training
9 Temmuz 2007Grid User Training
15 March 2007Grid User Training
1 March 20072. National Grid Workshop
14 February 2007Grid Administrator Training
12 February 2007Grid User Training
21 September 20051. National Grid Workshop